An award presented annually in recognition of outstanding service to the NEACJS. To be eligible for the award, an individual must have been an active member in good standing of the NEACJS for four consecutive years and has to have made substantial and significant contributions in service to the Association. 

Established in 1997.

An award presented annually to an individual with a minimum of four years teaching experience in criminology/criminal justice who has made significant contributions to scholarship in criminal justice education through published works, scholarly papers, and accomplishment in teaching, grants, and other related professional activities.

Established in 1997

An award presented annually to a member of NEACJS for an outstanding scholarly contribution to the advancement of criminal justice within the first five years of his/her professional career.

Established in 2004


An award presented annually to a member of NEACJS whose work as a practitioner has had a direct, positive, and significant effect within the criminal justice system. Contributions might include program development, policy implementation, education, and training.

Establised in 2004