The NEACJS is proud to announce a brand new annual award co-sponsored by SAGE/Criminal Justice Policy Review (CJPR) in 2018. The award, the “CJPR-NEACJS Paper Award”, will be presented to one NEACJS member who has authored an original unpublished paper for the NEACJS Annual Meeting. The paper will be considered for publication in Criminal Justice Policy Review (CJPR). The recipient will be required to present his/her paper at the Michael Israel Policy Panel at the NEACJS Annual Meeting.


To help defray the costs of travel to the meeting, CJPR will provide the author with a stipend of $250.00, which will be presented at the Annual NEACJS Meeting.


A selection committee has been formed for this inaugural year, and is comprised of the NEACJS President and two NEACJS members, as well as the CJPR Editor, Daniel Lee, and 1-2 members of the CJPR Editorial Board. Complete papers should be submitted electronically to Michele P. Bratina at For 2018, papers must be received by 12:00 noon on April 25th.


Additional Award Criteria:

* Papers must be focused on criminal justice policy with the most emphasis being given to those papers that are focused on policy evaluation (e.g., evidence-based practices) or putting criminal justice policy into action. That is, awarded papers are anticipated to have the greatest ability to achieve policy direction and/or connect research and scholarship to practice.

* Papers may be self-nominated.

* The requirement to submit any nominated paper prior to the deadline is the sole responsibility of the author (or co-author).

* No award will be given if no papers are nominated or if nominated papers are considered to be deficient.

* The awarded paper will be given an expedited review by the editorial staff of CJPR for further publication consideration; authors will be responsible for simultaneously submitting manuscripts through the official Manuscript Central website for CJPR.

*All non-winning manuscripts are eligible for publication consideration in CJPR with encouragement to consider feedback from the paper award review committee prior to submission to Manuscript Central.

* All papers should be formatted to the requirements of the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.