Audit Committee – Marcel Beausoliel

Awards Committee – Samantha gavin

Constitution and Bylaws Committee – David Champion

Parliamentarian – Larry Rosenberg

Membership Committee – Frank plunkett

Newsletter Committee – awaiting appointment

Elections and Nominations Committee – Jennifer murphy

Student Scholarship Committee – Kayla jachimowski

Student Papers Committee – danielle marie carkin

Professional Development Committee (Ad hoc) – Michele p. bratina, denise kindschi gosselin

Webmaster & Social Media Committee (Ad Hoc) – EmmaLeigh Kirchner

CJPR-NEACJS Paper Committee (Ad Hoc) – Michele p. Bratina

conference 2020 planning Committee (Ad Hoc) – Sheryl van horne, michael antonio, shavonne arthurs, david mackey, philip j. verrecchia, jane tucker

conference 2021-2022 Committee (Ad Hoc) – philip j. verrecchia, michael antonio, shavonne arthurs, david myers, jane tucker, sheryl van horne

mentorship Committee (Ad Hoc) – steve dyer

academic program review Committee (Ad Hoc) – Christine tartaro

advertising and sponsorship 2020 Committee (Ad Hoc) – jane tucker

archivist of the visual history Committee (Ad Hoc) – david orrick